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You're interested in creating a new look for your kitchen and/or bathroom, but you're not sure if that kind of project is right for you. We offer answers to frequently asked questions about RJL Designs.

Q. 1) We would like to remodel our kitchen but we don't know where to start.
A. 1) The first phase of a kitchen remodel is a time of investigation. The main sources of this information are designers like Rylie Larimer, many good kitchen magazines, internet websites, and friends and family. In this time we would come to your home to see what you are planning and desiring to change in the kitchen. We would take measurements and photos of the kitchen in order to start the design process. This meeting is no charge and opens up opportunities to ask many questions of an experienced designer.
Q. 2) Is remodeling our kitchen or bathroom a good investment?
A. 2) Kitchens and master bath remodels have always had solid returns on investment in immediate appreciated property values. Generally between 80-110% of investment. You also get the satisfaction and enjoyment out of a beautiful, well planned, & efficient kitchen. Kitchens also make the biggest impression on new buyers when that time comes to sell.
Q. 3) What is your experience and do you have personal references?
A. 3) I have been in the cabinet industry for over 40 years. I worked in custom cabinet shops - designing, building and installing cabinets for over 20 years of that time. I became a Kitchen Designer in 1993 & moved to Colorado in 1995. I have focused much of my time here in Colorado designing remodel projects. I do have many personal references, some are noted on the accolades page of this website. I can provide you with names and phone numbers if you would like to make a call.
Q. 4) How much does it cost?
A. 4) The overall costs will vary based on the selections made for the cabinets, appliances, & countertops. I will help in these selections and establish an overall budget for the project including all of the needed construction costs. An average kitchen with all of the aforementioned products can vary from $40k to $70k. Every budget will have line item costs to show where any & all of the expense are expected. If the first plan costing is too high, you will have the option to choose optional products to lower the costs. This is all part of the process of remodeling.
Q. 5) How long does it take?
A. 5) The typical lead time on a cabinet order is 5-6 weeks. The average kitchen construction time is 5-6 weeks from demo to finished project. This time is set on a written calendar approved prior to the starting time. All of the trade contractors I work with are scheduled in advance so as to maintain the schedule. I have assembled a team of sub-contractor professionals that work together regularly to get projects completed on time. Most jobs vary only a few days from that established schedule - many end on the exact days. No construction starts until the ordered materials are in hand and ready to go.
Q. 6) We have friends who have had a bad experience with remodeling and contractors. How is working with RJL Designs different?
A. 6) We have many years of experience in the remodeling process and can help guide you through all of the steps of the process. Getting the job done on time and on budget is just as important to us as it is to you. We desire for this to be an enjoyable and exciting experience for the whole family, even though stressful at times. We are proactive in planning and scheduling instead of reactive to the inevitable problems that arise with any remodeling project. We will have personal contact concerning the project on a daily basis and deal promptly with any & all concerns or problems as they arise.
Q. 7) Do you remodel bathrooms also? What different products do you offer for baths?
A. 7) Yes, we offer the same products & services for bath remodels as well as many more that are specific to the bath. There are less cabinets & counters and more plumbing fixtures, tile, and decorative surfaces. We are often reaching for the home "spa" effect, from the ordinary master bath to luxury amenities, creating a private "get-away". Robern mirrored cabinets add storage and elegance. Heated tile floors bring a rich warmth.
Q. 8) Can we do some of the construction ourselves to save money?
A. 8) A detailed, line item budget covering every aspect of the project will be provided to show the expected overall costs. By choosing to do some of the labor you can easily see the savings off the budget. This injection of personal time may affect the overall timeframe of the project.
Q. 9) What are the main factors affecting the prices between cabinet companies?
A. 9) The main differences are the construction styles and materials for the basic cabinet boxes and the doors. The middle and upper priced cabinets will be made of plywood construction and the lower priced cabinet will be a type of industrial particleboard. The different wood species also carry different price points. Interior features like dovetailed drawers, full extension tracks (with or without soft-close), wastebasket pullout, pantry roll-trays, appliance garages, glass doors with matching wood interiors all can affect the final price.
Q. 10) Which type of countertops is the best?
A. 10) Each type of countertop (granite, quartz, Corian and laminates) has its own pluses and minuses. The top 3 types are becoming more alike in price. The most important decision is to pick a countertop that is going to fit your family's needs as well as to compliment the overall design visually. The designer will provide all of the comparative information and prices and help make the selection to compliment the other selections in the project.
Q. 11) How do I define for the Designer what I want to change in my kitchen or bath?
A. 11) An easy exercise is to make out a Wants & Needs list. Each member of the family can participate. Define what you really want and need and list the necessary changes to bring them about. Provide these lists to the designer. Are you simply looking to increase the value of the home? Do you want a gourmet kitchen to entertain in? Is your family growing and needs more space and storage? Maybe the kitchen is just planned out poorly for your use and you're looking for one that works for you and makes your life easier. Remember form follows function. Define your goals, set priorities and you can have the dream kitchen that suits your life. Try using this Kitchen Remodeling Checklist to help. Checklist Click Here.

Please refer any additional questions to Rylie @ (719) 394-2083